Eka Lagnachi PUDHCHI Gosht

Prashant Damale, Kavita Medhekar and Team

"Eka Lagnachi Pudhchi Goshta" A sequel to the 1998 super hit Marathi play, Eka Lagnachi Gosht, the aptly titled Eka Lagnachi Pudhchi Gosht is directed by Shrirang Godbole and Mangesh Kadam. Like the prequel, this play too revolves around the lives of Manoj and Manisha. The couple, who have been married for over 18 years, face a hiccup in their relationship when the two begin looking for new experiences outside their marriage. This play is fun to watch and have a very positive ending.

Eka Lagnachi PUDHCHI Gosht - Team

Team Eka Lagnachi Pudhchi Gosht shared some words on the set of Eka Lagnachi Pudhchi Gosht Marathi Natak...